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It’s All Too Much

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Before I started this blog or my other 2 word-press blogs (LISK & The Internet) and (Vegas Confidential) I had limited knowledge into the blog world and therefore blog wars. I didn’t read them or write them. As I have mentioned before, a few years back I wrote a blog on MySpace, but come on, it was MySpace. I knew feuds and games were done all over from chat sites to Twitter, but I did not know the depths in which real crime cases and real lives were involved in it as much as it now seems to me.  I had made a few YouTube sites. Most having to do with music and bands, one I mentioned before called OURLIESEXPOSED was different,  a Vlog experiment that never quite went right due to not having enough time to spend on it. That is one of the problems with the internet, it consumes you and takes a lot of your time. And when I decided to start this blog I knew it would be time-consuming, but I never dreamed how quick and how much I would be sucked in. The madness I consumed on here since last February  (yes, less than five months) has left me in somewhat a blur.

For those who have read both this blog and my LISK blog, this post should be helpful in understanding it completely from my point of view as I wrote them. Though for some this monster may just seem like gibberish, can’t be helped. But stick with it to the end it should be interesting.

I like the internet and what it could be, but I do think people use it in ways that is very troubling. Just the way people discus their break ups and feuds on Facebook and twitter is enough to say whoa. But it gets so much darker and so much more personal out there in the deep end of the net.

I think I have made it very clear on here how I feel about music. So when I use the internet for my own creations, I try to keep it towards fun stuff, music and entertainment. But with this blog, I wanted to do more than just have fun, I wanted to try to SAY something, to point out how much MORE life could be if we stopped the BS with each other and just lived. The internet could be a fun place, a useful place for people to learn about each other and understand each other better. And it is used for all these things, but it is also used for all sorts of shenanigans and deceptions. So I decided to do it and I started this blog, but as most of you reading know I also came across and MM7’s “Catching LISK” Blog at the same time I was starting up my little Zero Blog about Life and the Internet. So buckle up, this is how it was for me:

I have an idea the order of things I want to discus on my zero blog, but the more I read and MM7’s blog the more I want to write a blog about what I am reading. At first it was like a weird alternate reality game (ARG) being played with a real case. The mention of Sock-Puppets made me think of the movie and MTV show Catfish. So I decided to go against my initial plan to slowly get into any of the controversial subjects, I blogged about it. But so much was happening on and MM7’s blog. At first it seemed like everyone was mad at MM7 for posting her beliefs CPH was guilty of murder, then it seems CPH himself might be commenting on the pages, as well as stalking MM7, but then Flukeyou is outed once and for all as Joey and reasons to doubt any sleuthing done by supposed outsiders with inside info. Who is Joey? An Oak Beach neighbor with reasons to hate CPH. I look back and see this has been going on for quite some time between Flukeyou and others, mainly Too Close Too Home. But there are all sorts of other screen names some like PS149 had quite a bit of info on MM7 and Flukeyou.  MM7 interviews Fieldnotes, PS149 says they talked to Fieldnotes and he denies this happened but someone named DPH did call him. Names and phone numbers posted everywhere. as well as mug shots and accusations that maybe JS and friends are doing more than trying to frame old neighbor CPH, but covering up their own involvement in the LISK case. PS149 gone from MM7 gone from Then is gone. All before I can even write my first post in the LISK side blog I was creating. MM7 insists it is not Joey spreading her info although she has her doubts because many things she talks to him about got repeated on, so ither hers or Joey’s phone is bugged, maybe both, oh and she also tells me she is working with someone, DPH. So many comments from so many screen names, most bad mouthing MM7 in some way or another. Melissa Cann  comments that MM7 is misguided and says I should contact her. I actually don’t believe it is her, but it turns out it is, even MM7 says it is, so my apologies once again for not believing, but there are so many fake screen names being used it was hard for me to believe anyone involved in these blogs and comments could really be involved in the case. Hard to believe or not, I was realizing many people here were involved someway or another. With many people saying MM7 was not trustworthy and the LISK site and Flukeyou gone, not to mention MM7 now posting pictures of broken drones claiming to be a way her conversations were recorded, enough was enough for me, I knew there was more going on here then being said, but I didn’t have the time to keep up with it… ha! It was just getting started.

So many screen names and IP addresses! Just look for yourself at all the comments! Because of so much unanswered and so many comments left, the blog goes on, but it is constantly changing due to everything I am reading.

DPH asks me to take her name down then starts commenting under a few different screen names, some of it is really out there. JJJ starts commenting and asks me to get in touch with her. She says she is using her real name (Jen) and assumes I know who she is, but all I can think of is some old comments I read by someone called Jen on and someone named JuryBox, who was sometimes called Jen on the block (as well as being called Kim, a name she denied, but names are often brought up and then denied, it was just Kristin’s and Joey’s that stayed till they stuck, case in point WHO IS SUSIE?) . She says she is neither and has never posted on but has been a reader there a long time.  Why I should know who she is then escapes me. But she tells me she has been to JS’s house, is close to Mari, and worked with MM7 for a while. Now it get’s tricky here, because sometimes she tells me she stopped working with MM7 when she realized the tactics MM7 was using, but other times she says she only got in touch with MM7 to help Mari and was never really helping  MM7. This is the same reason she got in touch with Fieldnotes, to help Mari. Lots of interesting emails and IMs about MM7 mainly, but hints of Joey’s involvement dropped all over, as well as little things about Mari and Fieldnotes, but mainly endless proof against MM7 and tons on the Drone. Both Jen and MM7 liked to email me stuff about this drone. One trying to prove to me that it was real the other trying to prove it was made up, although I constantly said the drone is not a recording device, an obvious toy and neither need to prove to me it was real or not because regardless I didn’t buy into it and didn’t care to hear anymore about it. But both still harped on it.  And then an article on by a familiar screen name:


I am very proud of Mystermom7 for solving her cyberstalking case without the help of LE. I hear she has more facts she still needs to upload to her blog. Murt you should fear this girl. she will expose your affiliation with Dr. Hackett, Oak Beach, Joe Brewer & Amber Lynn Costello & Kim Raffeo & Shannan Gilbert.

WTF?!? Who is Murt?

Looking into Murt’s possible connection to MM7’s drone, as she blogged, I get deeper into more craziness. Murt may not be involved in MM7’s drone, but he is involved in similar feuds with and Michelle McKee. Feuds he claims have gone on for over 6 years! Which brings in the Florida Case of missing girl, Haleigh Cummings and all sorts of other bloggers and sleuthers as well as family members of the little girl and characters like William “Cobra” Staubs and Timothy Holmseth. Some serious allegations being fired around in this group, Nancy Grace from CNN is even brought into the different conspiracies being blogged about here. RadioNewz and Michelle McKee also lead me to stories of The Steubenville Rape Case and the involvement of Anonymous. High school football players gang rape an intoxicated girl at a party thrown at the coaches house. Then they tweet about it and post pictures on the internet. Hacktivist get involved to expose those involved in it. These link me to other cases very similar and just as disturbing.

So much happening there I couldn’t keep up. Prinnie, Executioner , McGregger, Oh My!  And then DPH starts in with her emails. “Take my name down, send me a copy of comments, give me IP addresses” Crime Rings and endless connections. Names of people I had no way of knowing who she was talking about. Then MM7’s emails trying to discredit Jen while Jen was still sending stuff trying to discredit MM7. Everyone from MM7 to Jen to Murt have been stalked in someway. Everyone is a victim while helping other victims. And more screen names pop up to comment on my blog, this time  the names come from a site called where guys chat about their sleeping with prostitutes and stripper hobby. Carney Construction Crew? Carney Construction Club? All trying to lead me that way, but who are they all really?  Lightweight, Teps, etc. claiming they aren’t involved but leading me right to the site, am I to believe these people from Utopiaguide  are now commenting here or is it someone wanting me to look into Utopiaguide. Well I do, what a messed up place. To me it is sad, but since MM7 and DPH say they KNOW someone or a group of someones there are involved in more than just hobbying,  it could also be a very scary place. What is real here? Everyone telling me there are dangerous people involved here, but which ones? My blogging about this is getting harder and harder and this blog is being neglected. I send an email to Mari. She comments on my blog and again I think I am done.

I had started a new blog, Vegas Confidential which I had hoped to get more Vegas locals involved in blogging in about Vegas. But again it needed too much time spent on it. So it was put on the back burner for now. I wanted to finish my LISK Blog and concentrate on my Zero Blog when possible. There were things to discus there that were linked to all these things I was now reading about. Blog wars that turn to cyber stalking, but you can’t tell which one (if ither) is doing the stalking. People sleuthing real cases that turn into public DOXing and smearing of fellow sleuthers,  has to have a specific rule against this. Bullying back and forth, accusations of all sorts of criminal activity. I’m reading so much everywhere at this point it is starting to get to me, and I am spending way to much time trying to follow everything.

MM7’s blog goes away but it all moves to her Facebook page. Meanwhile Anonymous is everywhere on Twitter. I hate using Twitter, because I am much too long-winded to fit what I am trying to say into their word count requirements, but  I decided to make a Zero Twitter account to look more into what people were tweeting. I had been on Twitter before but mainly for work and entertainment reasons so I was really caught off guard with what was going on in the other parts of Twitter World. Everyone is bullying everyone, DOXing people you know but now have beef with is done constantly, Anons like KY are being busted and tweeting about it all, lines are being drawn in the sand, and people are changing sides all the time, all sorts of back n forth games being played, meanwhile MM7 is now gone from LISK and social media completely, but Jen is still at it full-time, DPH is playing nice on Facebook and never goes off on her Twitter  the way she does on my blog or the e-mails she sends me. Are they the same people? Jen insists MM7 is still out there involved in this, but I know for fact, at least for now, MM7 is dealing with internet addiction (which we all could deal with in some ways, the internet can suck you in) while helping someone with their internet site. Not sure if that will work, but hey she is gone from LISK (or so I’m told) and that did quiet things down a lot. Not Jen though, she has things to prove. Though if what she wanted to do was just to expose MM7 or help Mari, she should be able to move on, that has been done. But there are these hints that she knows who the killer is, which starts to sound a lot like MM7 and DPH. Hints that she can’t go public with for fear of her safety. But it all leads back to Joey one way or another.  A comment by screen name PS149 (how many people post under this one is beyond my knowledge) claiming to be Jim Jones and Field Notes, but why did they spell Fieldnotes with a space? As far as I know the real Fieldnotes, who people have told me is Michael Doughtry, still denies commenting on my blog, so is he PS149? Idon’t know but who ever made the comment was pretty convincing. Meanwhile, RadioNewz and Michelle McKee have a falling out, and many of their enemies who claim to be wronged by one or the other jumps from side to side, everyone blogging about how they have been stalked and bullied and now everyone will see the others for what they really are, blogs and tweets, emails still coming my way showing me different things each other is saying about me  (my fault for staying involved for so long), the Big Red  Rape case now becoming a sinking ship for some, people calling others rats and enough blame to go around a whole town and a group of hackers, and more blogs and tweets, blogtalkradio, The Blackburn Sisters, aronck2, Pri3st, Gen. Penguin,  Anon Chimp, Don Carpenter, Misspell, KYAnonymous, people giving out info on others that they once considered close, accusations and finger-pointing, people tweeting about being suicidal and needing help  while others actually argue over whether someone killed themselves as tweeted, he’s lying about me, she’s lying about me,


I was overloaded with the grief of all these other people. I was sad for them, I was angry with them, I was confused by them.  I needed a break.



Catfish & Serial Killers Part 3

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This is a link to another story done on the Long Island case or cases as you can see in the clip, just about everyone has a different opinion as to what has happened and who might be responsible. It is done after Shannan’s body was found. And that’s the last I had heard about the case until last month when I was trying to find the latest on what was going on in Long Island and I came across an article on Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mother) and a lawsuit she filed against Dr. Hackett.  Although police keep insisting Shannan’s death an unfortunate accident her family did not seem to believe this. And from an outside view I’d have to agree. The story of Shannan having an “episode” or reaction to drugs and fleeing out into the marsh getting stuck and then drowning or succumbing to the elements seems very unlikely when you look at the rest of the suspicious story. But the police seem so sure, and since their version means she could have been alive out there and the lack of search for her right from the first night makes the police look negligible, to me at least,  so I’m thinking ither they have good reason to believe their findings or they are not letting the public know what they really suspect, as to not damage their case. Of course there’s a third possibility (of course) that the authorities dropped the ball from the get go and are now trying to play catch up with someone or someones and are completely lost. I hope not. But since there is so much disagreement, from whether Shannan’s death is related  to how many killers might be involved, I feel only time and luck will help break this case. But I believe the lawsuit is a good step forward. There are many unanswered questions about Dr. Hackett, Brewster, and the gated community at Oak Beach. Maybe some of these answers will come out in court.

So to get on with this before we reach a thousand words, last month while trying to find out more info on the lawsuit I came across a site called and if I thought this case was strange before it was bout to go beyond all boundaries of bizarreness.

I warn you now, this might get confusing.

The first post I came across was by some one called mysterymom7.  From the post and comments it was plain to see that mysterymom7 believed Dr. Hackett not only killed Shannan Gilbert but was a serial killer who had been getting away with murder for a long time. And then after going to her own blog:  I learned that she also believed Dr. Hackett was cyber stalking her. All this seemed pretty outrageous, but this case was outrageous, nothing in it seemed to make sense. So maybe there was something here. I read through hundreds, then thousands of posts and comments and all of  mysterymom’s blog and here’s what at first made me think there was something going on here, first off there were hints in many posts that MM7 (mysterymom7) had been in contact with Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mom) and the court case against Dr. Hackett. Then I see (through posts) that the doctor now lives in Florida. Which is where MM7 lives. How do I know this, because in reading back through comments her name and private info had been put out by many other commenters. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And since this is already knocking on 600 words I’m gonna have to condense, maybe a side blog is needed here… So while reading through posts and comments this is how it evolved in my perception: MM7 had been involved in a sleuthing site, (which until recently I could not get into at all and even now it is limited without joining.) Her belief that the Doctor was a serial killer was not met well with some of the others, again I don’t know what happened on this site for sure and different people say differnt reasons for MM7 being kicked off and it’s drastic changes, but they all do agree they are connected and atleast somewhat to do with the fact that MM7 thought at least one of the sleuthers was really Dr. Hackett. I then gather it has something to do with ither “sleuthing a member”,  which people have posted is not allowed, so if MM7 was sleuthing Dr. Hackett as a possiblbe serial killer and then accused another sleuther of being Dr. Hackett, then she was thereby sleuthing another member (sort of) which I have read is not alowed or it might be because MM7 likes to cut and pastes people’sposts, which has been said is also not allowed, though I don’t know why people care about what they post being re-posted somewhere else. Besides any point, MM7 was removed from websleuth and maybe others, I do not know but I did see it happen all over again on As I read through all the comments on MM7’s posts and a few others it was plain to see PS149 did not like MM7’s ideas. PS149 Posted she “was a ruiner of lives”.  There are other posters on here 2 that go way back who also seem to have the same disagreement. Flukeyou and Too Close. Flukeyou is someone who has been posting for quite some time that Dr. Hackett is the killer and  Too Close strongly disagrees. And there are others, Linda who at first seems interested in flukeyou and MM7’s ideas that Dr.Hachett is atleast guilty of something, but then later is in agreement with PS149. Through out it all, lots of information is posted, new characters are added to the possibilty of the LISK, who he might be, and what happened to Shannon Gilbert. But Flukeyou and PS149 seemed to know alot of inside stuff and the 2 of them went at it like 2 wizards throwing spells at each other back and forth. Tic for Tac.  But it was the use of MM7’s real name and the crude things that were said to her that made me want to know more about her side of this story.

Shortly before I started reading all these posts and comments MM7 had started her own blog called “Catching LISK” which is here on wordpress and a link is posted above to. On it I have commented back and forth with MM7 and Linda a few times, but I am trying not to let anyone cloud my head in trying to figure out this mess of sock puppets, oh wait I haven’t even gotten to that part yet, I knew it, over a thousand words in and not a word on “Sock Puppets”.

If you read MM7’s blogs or some of the comments on the term “sock puppets” is used,  by MM7 and Flukeyou to describe the various different screen names they beleved Dr. Hackett was using, at least at the moment,  to cyber stalk MM7. The term “Sock Puppet” is a name used in the “Luka Magnotta Case”.

Luka’s story is another bizarre tale of murder and the internet in which, according to police, Magnotta set up at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under different names. “Sock Puppets”.

So MM7 believed Dr. Hackett had his own sock puppets, top of her list? PS149.  Flukeyou  often posted CPH=LISK (Charles Peter Hackett is Long Island Serial Killer) as well as PS149=CPH. But PS141 and others also called out “Sock Puppet”  claiming MM7= Flukeyou. That could make sense, since they both were so sure The Doctor was a serial killer. Maybe they were the same person. But then MM7’s real identity was posted. And once it was posted others posted it all over the comments. MM7 never denied being who others on were claiming  she was, in fact on her own blog she posted a picture of herself  and “came out” of anonymity. (is that right?) MM7=CBK.  And that’s when lot’s of nasty stuff got said on both as well as MM7’s own blog. But it was the comments on her own blog that were the worse. The screen names in which people left comments as well were alarming. The worst coming from some one commenting under the SN: CPH. (yes the doctor’s initials) He wrote many posts that were violent and threatening, including threatening to gut MM7’s children. That’s right! MM7 and her family were threatened in many posts.

But there were other comments on here, also using screen name’s from the actual case. Some one using the SN Barbara H. (the Doctor’s  Wife) posts numerous times pleading with the doctor to stop lying and give himself up . And other comments left by the SN GUS (one of the neighbors that Shannan ran to the night she disappeared) also telling CPH to give himself up. And tis is just some of the bizarre posts and comments I had stumbled into. And just as I was finishing up on reading all of them and trying to understand “what was really going on” things started to shift…

It began with the accusation on that Flukeyou was some one named Joey S.  and  that his family had actually lived in the same gated community as Brewer and Hackett and in fact had many reasons to hate the Doc and want to set him up. What, what, what? Fluke denied being JS, but said he knew the family and they were good people who would “love” to tell what they knew about the people involved in this case.

I knew something was about to happen and decided then that I needed to write a blog about the whole thing. If there was any truth to what PS149 was posting, then that changed everything, I mean I looked back and Flukeyou has been posting for a long time, he could easily have messed with other posters ideas as well as had a few “sock puppets”. I had often thought the Barbara H. and Gus posts might have come from him. But my bigger question was who was PS149. How was he able to find out this info. This could explain why Flukeyou suspected the Doc. He knew him, so he ither truly thought the Doc did it or hated him enough to want to frame him. But why was PS149 so sure the Doc was innocent, he said he did not know him, then why become the Doc’s savoir? There had to be reasons. And more important how was he getting his info?

It moved quick from here, PS149 would post info about Joey S. and his family and Flukeyou would counter post something about the Doc or another resident in the “community”. It was pretty crazy for a minute. There was no way to confirm any of the stuff that was being posted, but if any of it was true, then a lot of “dirty laundry” was being aired out. Then  Ps149  suggested maybe Joey/Flukeyou didn’t just have a thing for the Doc. Maybe he was covering his own tracks. Then the comments Flukeyou=LISK.  But this was nothing new. If you read enough posts and comments everyone is accused of being LISK at one time or another. But what was different, was that now MM7 was also saying Flukeyou can’t be trusted and hinted to him actually being Joey S.  She also no longer believed the Doctor was the killer and was starting over in her investigation.

What was going on here? What had I stumbled into? I thought this is where this blog would be ending, and looking at the word count it really needs to. But there is so much more I have already left out I already fear it all seems like confused madness, but something is messing with my “spidey senses” here so bare with me a little further. As I blogged, things happened.

A new post in MM7’s blog names “guest” at Brewer’s house the night Shannan disappeared. They supposedly came from a blogger using the SN Jim Jones. Jim Jones is new to me, but from what I gather he has blogged about LISK and had interviews with many key people involved. MM7 also gives out Jim Jones real name and some other private information in her blog. This may just be to show proof of what she was posting, but on the site PS149 and others were already commenting on how terrible it was to post his real name. Is this irony? I always get confused on what irony is, thank you Alanis Morisette. PS149 even posted “There’s a serial killer out there”.  This may be so, but I have to wonder why weren’t anyone concerned for MM7’s personal information that was posted everywhere.  But that may not mater, because PS149 then posted that he had talked to Jim Jones (???) (everyone knows everyone here) and that the things MM7 was posting were lies. And not only that but the person who called Jim Jones said she was MM7, but her real name was Dorothy. A full name was given and it is the name of someone who seems to be involved in this all as well. PS149 is now saying MM7 is not CKB, the housewife from Florida, but D (full name removed by request), someone who may have a very simular story.

And here sadly I must bring this monster to an end, with nothing more than questions really.  Flukeyou vanished from the posts. And just the other day both PS149 and MM7  were banned from and all their posts are gone as well. Earlier this morning I found both DPH and Jim Jones on Facebook but now I am having a hard time finding them. And what would it matter? Any one can be any one on here right?

Ok hope there is at least someone still reading, I will epilogue this thing and move on.

What is going on in these posts and blogs, about a serial killer still out there?  I’m not sure. Sleuthers one upping each other? Maybe. People involved in the case mixing up information? Possibly. A killer or killers using the internet for their own purpose? It has happened. As with the case of LISK, the answers may come with time. and MM7’s blogs are still there. Though we may not know who is posting, the postings will continue. So if you are interested in any part of this case, click on the links and read for yourself. For now I must move on. After all of this I’ll leave you with a simple truth… Catfish=Dangerous!


there is now a side-blog on this subject: