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Catfish & Serial Killers Part 3

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This is a link to another story done on the Long Island case or cases as you can see in the clip, just about everyone has a different opinion as to what has happened and who might be responsible. It is done after Shannan’s body was found. And that’s the last I had heard about the case until last month when I was trying to find the latest on what was going on in Long Island and I came across an article on Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mother) and a lawsuit she filed against Dr. Hackett.  Although police keep insisting Shannan’s death an unfortunate accident her family did not seem to believe this. And from an outside view I’d have to agree. The story of Shannan having an “episode” or reaction to drugs and fleeing out into the marsh getting stuck and then drowning or succumbing to the elements seems very unlikely when you look at the rest of the suspicious story. But the police seem so sure, and since their version means she could have been alive out there and the lack of search for her right from the first night makes the police look negligible, to me at least,  so I’m thinking ither they have good reason to believe their findings or they are not letting the public know what they really suspect, as to not damage their case. Of course there’s a third possibility (of course) that the authorities dropped the ball from the get go and are now trying to play catch up with someone or someones and are completely lost. I hope not. But since there is so much disagreement, from whether Shannan’s death is related  to how many killers might be involved, I feel only time and luck will help break this case. But I believe the lawsuit is a good step forward. There are many unanswered questions about Dr. Hackett, Brewster, and the gated community at Oak Beach. Maybe some of these answers will come out in court.

So to get on with this before we reach a thousand words, last month while trying to find out more info on the lawsuit I came across a site called and if I thought this case was strange before it was bout to go beyond all boundaries of bizarreness.

I warn you now, this might get confusing.

The first post I came across was by some one called mysterymom7.  From the post and comments it was plain to see that mysterymom7 believed Dr. Hackett not only killed Shannan Gilbert but was a serial killer who had been getting away with murder for a long time. And then after going to her own blog:  I learned that she also believed Dr. Hackett was cyber stalking her. All this seemed pretty outrageous, but this case was outrageous, nothing in it seemed to make sense. So maybe there was something here. I read through hundreds, then thousands of posts and comments and all of  mysterymom’s blog and here’s what at first made me think there was something going on here, first off there were hints in many posts that MM7 (mysterymom7) had been in contact with Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mom) and the court case against Dr. Hackett. Then I see (through posts) that the doctor now lives in Florida. Which is where MM7 lives. How do I know this, because in reading back through comments her name and private info had been put out by many other commenters. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And since this is already knocking on 600 words I’m gonna have to condense, maybe a side blog is needed here… So while reading through posts and comments this is how it evolved in my perception: MM7 had been involved in a sleuthing site, (which until recently I could not get into at all and even now it is limited without joining.) Her belief that the Doctor was a serial killer was not met well with some of the others, again I don’t know what happened on this site for sure and different people say differnt reasons for MM7 being kicked off and it’s drastic changes, but they all do agree they are connected and atleast somewhat to do with the fact that MM7 thought at least one of the sleuthers was really Dr. Hackett. I then gather it has something to do with ither “sleuthing a member”,  which people have posted is not allowed, so if MM7 was sleuthing Dr. Hackett as a possiblbe serial killer and then accused another sleuther of being Dr. Hackett, then she was thereby sleuthing another member (sort of) which I have read is not alowed or it might be because MM7 likes to cut and pastes people’sposts, which has been said is also not allowed, though I don’t know why people care about what they post being re-posted somewhere else. Besides any point, MM7 was removed from websleuth and maybe others, I do not know but I did see it happen all over again on As I read through all the comments on MM7’s posts and a few others it was plain to see PS149 did not like MM7’s ideas. PS149 Posted she “was a ruiner of lives”.  There are other posters on here 2 that go way back who also seem to have the same disagreement. Flukeyou and Too Close. Flukeyou is someone who has been posting for quite some time that Dr. Hackett is the killer and  Too Close strongly disagrees. And there are others, Linda who at first seems interested in flukeyou and MM7’s ideas that Dr.Hachett is atleast guilty of something, but then later is in agreement with PS149. Through out it all, lots of information is posted, new characters are added to the possibilty of the LISK, who he might be, and what happened to Shannon Gilbert. But Flukeyou and PS149 seemed to know alot of inside stuff and the 2 of them went at it like 2 wizards throwing spells at each other back and forth. Tic for Tac.  But it was the use of MM7’s real name and the crude things that were said to her that made me want to know more about her side of this story.

Shortly before I started reading all these posts and comments MM7 had started her own blog called “Catching LISK” which is here on wordpress and a link is posted above to. On it I have commented back and forth with MM7 and Linda a few times, but I am trying not to let anyone cloud my head in trying to figure out this mess of sock puppets, oh wait I haven’t even gotten to that part yet, I knew it, over a thousand words in and not a word on “Sock Puppets”.

If you read MM7’s blogs or some of the comments on the term “sock puppets” is used,  by MM7 and Flukeyou to describe the various different screen names they beleved Dr. Hackett was using, at least at the moment,  to cyber stalk MM7. The term “Sock Puppet” is a name used in the “Luka Magnotta Case”.

Luka’s story is another bizarre tale of murder and the internet in which, according to police, Magnotta set up at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under different names. “Sock Puppets”.

So MM7 believed Dr. Hackett had his own sock puppets, top of her list? PS149.  Flukeyou  often posted CPH=LISK (Charles Peter Hackett is Long Island Serial Killer) as well as PS149=CPH. But PS141 and others also called out “Sock Puppet”  claiming MM7= Flukeyou. That could make sense, since they both were so sure The Doctor was a serial killer. Maybe they were the same person. But then MM7’s real identity was posted. And once it was posted others posted it all over the comments. MM7 never denied being who others on were claiming  she was, in fact on her own blog she posted a picture of herself  and “came out” of anonymity. (is that right?) MM7=CBK.  And that’s when lot’s of nasty stuff got said on both as well as MM7’s own blog. But it was the comments on her own blog that were the worse. The screen names in which people left comments as well were alarming. The worst coming from some one commenting under the SN: CPH. (yes the doctor’s initials) He wrote many posts that were violent and threatening, including threatening to gut MM7’s children. That’s right! MM7 and her family were threatened in many posts.

But there were other comments on here, also using screen name’s from the actual case. Some one using the SN Barbara H. (the Doctor’s  Wife) posts numerous times pleading with the doctor to stop lying and give himself up . And other comments left by the SN GUS (one of the neighbors that Shannan ran to the night she disappeared) also telling CPH to give himself up. And tis is just some of the bizarre posts and comments I had stumbled into. And just as I was finishing up on reading all of them and trying to understand “what was really going on” things started to shift…

It began with the accusation on that Flukeyou was some one named Joey S.  and  that his family had actually lived in the same gated community as Brewer and Hackett and in fact had many reasons to hate the Doc and want to set him up. What, what, what? Fluke denied being JS, but said he knew the family and they were good people who would “love” to tell what they knew about the people involved in this case.

I knew something was about to happen and decided then that I needed to write a blog about the whole thing. If there was any truth to what PS149 was posting, then that changed everything, I mean I looked back and Flukeyou has been posting for a long time, he could easily have messed with other posters ideas as well as had a few “sock puppets”. I had often thought the Barbara H. and Gus posts might have come from him. But my bigger question was who was PS149. How was he able to find out this info. This could explain why Flukeyou suspected the Doc. He knew him, so he ither truly thought the Doc did it or hated him enough to want to frame him. But why was PS149 so sure the Doc was innocent, he said he did not know him, then why become the Doc’s savoir? There had to be reasons. And more important how was he getting his info?

It moved quick from here, PS149 would post info about Joey S. and his family and Flukeyou would counter post something about the Doc or another resident in the “community”. It was pretty crazy for a minute. There was no way to confirm any of the stuff that was being posted, but if any of it was true, then a lot of “dirty laundry” was being aired out. Then  Ps149  suggested maybe Joey/Flukeyou didn’t just have a thing for the Doc. Maybe he was covering his own tracks. Then the comments Flukeyou=LISK.  But this was nothing new. If you read enough posts and comments everyone is accused of being LISK at one time or another. But what was different, was that now MM7 was also saying Flukeyou can’t be trusted and hinted to him actually being Joey S.  She also no longer believed the Doctor was the killer and was starting over in her investigation.

What was going on here? What had I stumbled into? I thought this is where this blog would be ending, and looking at the word count it really needs to. But there is so much more I have already left out I already fear it all seems like confused madness, but something is messing with my “spidey senses” here so bare with me a little further. As I blogged, things happened.

A new post in MM7’s blog names “guest” at Brewer’s house the night Shannan disappeared. They supposedly came from a blogger using the SN Jim Jones. Jim Jones is new to me, but from what I gather he has blogged about LISK and had interviews with many key people involved. MM7 also gives out Jim Jones real name and some other private information in her blog. This may just be to show proof of what she was posting, but on the site PS149 and others were already commenting on how terrible it was to post his real name. Is this irony? I always get confused on what irony is, thank you Alanis Morisette. PS149 even posted “There’s a serial killer out there”.  This may be so, but I have to wonder why weren’t anyone concerned for MM7’s personal information that was posted everywhere.  But that may not mater, because PS149 then posted that he had talked to Jim Jones (???) (everyone knows everyone here) and that the things MM7 was posting were lies. And not only that but the person who called Jim Jones said she was MM7, but her real name was Dorothy. A full name was given and it is the name of someone who seems to be involved in this all as well. PS149 is now saying MM7 is not CKB, the housewife from Florida, but D (full name removed by request), someone who may have a very simular story.

And here sadly I must bring this monster to an end, with nothing more than questions really.  Flukeyou vanished from the posts. And just the other day both PS149 and MM7  were banned from and all their posts are gone as well. Earlier this morning I found both DPH and Jim Jones on Facebook but now I am having a hard time finding them. And what would it matter? Any one can be any one on here right?

Ok hope there is at least someone still reading, I will epilogue this thing and move on.

What is going on in these posts and blogs, about a serial killer still out there?  I’m not sure. Sleuthers one upping each other? Maybe. People involved in the case mixing up information? Possibly. A killer or killers using the internet for their own purpose? It has happened. As with the case of LISK, the answers may come with time. and MM7’s blogs are still there. Though we may not know who is posting, the postings will continue. So if you are interested in any part of this case, click on the links and read for yourself. For now I must move on. After all of this I’ll leave you with a simple truth… Catfish=Dangerous!


there is now a side-blog on this subject:


Catfish & Serial Killers Part 2

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I did not expect to be blogging about serial killers this soon.  The subject needs much more discussion before jumping into how the internet is now part of modus operandi. But for reasons I am about to explain, I felt this blog needed to be done now, while it is happening. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Killers now shop on craigslist, they have Facebooks, and they may very well be reading this blog.  For examples of this we could look to the cases of Philip Markoff, Richard Beasley, Christopher Jordan Dorner, Mark Dizon, and the list goes on, but as I have mentioned, the case that I want to discuss here, is The Long Island Serial Killer. It is a case that has long puzzled me. And lately it is haunting me.

From the moment I saw the news in December 2010 about bodies of 4 women being found and a possible serial killer being involved I was drawn to the story. At the time I did not know anything about Shannan Gilbert, but that soon changed. Through out the next year more bodies would be found and when 48 hours aired a story on it, I watched in disbelief. Here again is a link to that story:

Or if you prefer to read:

The story of Shannan Gilbert  death is disturbing to me for many reasons. And  I will get to some of them, but for those who do not know the story and didn’t click on one of the links above I also need to summarize her story. But before I do that, I feel that something needs to be said in behalf of the victims and their families. Shannan Gilbert, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello,  and Jessica Taylor were taken from this world much to early in the course of their lives and in a way so terrible, words are at a loss. This of course is the same for the unidentified victims. Friends and families lives were also destroyed. This is often lost in all the madness involved in such cases, as I know they will be here. So  as we go forward remember them all, the victims and their families. Our sympathy, prayers, and hope that this case or cases are solved, soon, is whats most important here.

The story of Shannan Gilbert is the kind of murder mystery that seems made for T.V. crime dramas. There are plenty of characters, most of them dripping in suspicion, and plenty of surprises all through it. As with the other identified victims, Shannan was an escort who listed her services on craigslist. Shortly after midnight on May 1st 2010, Shannon Gilbert and her driver Michael Pak left New York City and headed to a gated community in Oak Beach, Long Island.  Around 2 a.m. she enters the house of Joseph Brewer, a client she is said to have met through craigslist. Three hours later she is running down the streets of this gated community yelling into her cell phone at a 911 operator that “They” were going to kill her.  She banged on the door of a neighbor who called the police, then she ran off to another house who also called 911. Meanwhile her driver is in his SUV chasing her down. Both are gone by the time police arrive.

Shannon never returns home. Her boyfriend, Alex Diaz  gets in touch with the driver who says she had run off from him and he could not find her. He had figured she had gone home. Both of them head back to the gated community where Pak last saw Shannan on May 3rd. They do not find her and Alex contacts her family to let them know she is missing. At some point someone else contacts Shannan’s family. A man named Dr. Charles Peter Hackett called her mother. What was said during this call depends on who you talk to, Shannan’s mother says the doctor told her daughter was alright and that he was going to be treating her. There is also implications that he might have given her something to calm her down that night. Dr. Hackett says he never met Shannon and though at first denied calling Shannan’s mother at all, he admits he did call her, twice, but only because he had got her number from Pak and Diaz and only called to show his concern for the missing girl. The reason this call is so important, is tha Dr. Hackett lives by the entrance/exit of the gated community right near where Shannon was last seen running.

A missing persons report is filed but it takes Shannon’s family seven months of badgering police before any real search begins. Let’s stop here because so many things already at this point in the case bother me. The police at this point had cleared both Brewer and Pak. Brewer’s story seems patchy, he says she was not there for sex. But she was there for 3 hours, 1 hour longer than was originally planed. At there are stories of infamous parties at Brewster’s house. And although the driver and him both say Shannon was acting strange and ran off for no apparent reason I can’t understand why the driver would leave her to walk home alone. Maybe he was scared of police involvement, which lots of people don’t like, and he was an escort driver. But still to leave her to fend for her self, what kind of man does that? And speaking of police involvement, they were told she ran off into a marsh. Why didn’t they look for her that night? Or more after the missing persons report? She was a missing girl who ran off frightened into a dark marshy area. Why was she not on prime time news every night while police continued to search for her? Did they truly believe she had run out into the marsh and had accidentally died, and if so, why was it not important to find her body?

Well, all that changed in December of 2010, 4 bodies were found during a search for Shannan. None of the bodies found were Shannan’s. They were the bodies of four other girls, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello, all missing escorts. But although police now knew they were dealing with a serial killer, they still believed Shannan’s disappearance was unrelated to the other four girls and that they were sure they would find her and her cause of death would be accidental. WTF! I don’t think I need to explain what I find so disturbing here. But I will say that 2 of the 4 girls went missing after Shannan, which means at least those 2 bodies were left where they were found during a time police, FBI, Etc. should have been searching the area for a missing girl. Get what I’m saying?

Time goes by and body parts are found of at least 5 other victims, one a child. Yet it isn’t till December 6th, 2011 that they find a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, cellphone, a pocketbook with ID in the pocketbook belonging to Shannan Gilbert.  They were not far from where Shannan was last seen. Why had they not been found earlier? You would think since it was where she was last seen near there that spot would have been searched. Then on December 13, 2011 Shannan’s skeletal remains are found. And though cause of death could not be determined the police still say her death was an accident. We are left with coincidence or conspiracy. But since this case is open and a killer or killers still may be out there, authorities may just not be letting to much of what is really known get out. I had hope this was true because I hate those C words.

Then, last month, as I searched for the latest news on this story, I found an article about Shannan’s mom suing Dr. Hackett for wrongful death of her daughter.

The Doctor had seemed suspicious to me, but then again so did Brewer and Pak. But all I knew was what I read and watched. And that is all so contradicting (another C word I don’t like, hmm that makes 3). The article was from late 2012 and the case was now beginning so I looked for more info on the court proceedings. I couldn’t find much more on it but I did find a place called and a group of bloggers and sleuthers who had been following this case much closer than me. All of sudden there was alot of information. So much, it was hard to tell what was real. The first thing I learned was that when a serial killer plays the “Catfish” game, it’s called “Sock Puppets”.

To Be Continued…

Catfish & Serial Killers Part 1

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Have you seen the movieCatfish“? I have not, but learned about it while reading an article on Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o and his fake online girlfriend’s death. If you do not know the story, he had an online relationship with some one he then believed died. This was talked about during games and received other national news coverage. Then it was discovered that  the girlfriend was not real and Mante Te’o was a victim of an online hoax.

So this led me to the movie Catfish where a similar situation had happened during the filming of a documentary. I also learned the Urban Dictionary‘s definition of:

1. catfish
A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Now the movie is questioned to be a mockumenty which, since no one involved seems to confirm or deny this, it could mean that the movie itself is a hoax  exposing the world to this strange misuse of social media.  A lucrative but harmless as well as informative hoax. But as in the Manti Te’o story, Catfishing is not so harmless and it’s only evolving into much more dangerous places.

And just to get on an ongoing  blog theme here without getting off topic. I said before that we are not using the tools around us (in this case the internet) to move forward. We use things to lie and fool each other. We play games.

Facebook pages of possible serial killer victims?

I ran across the above link while looking up info on the Long Island Serial Killer. For reasons I will get into in part 2 of this blog, the story of a missing Craigslist call girl leading to the discovery of  4 other bodies of missing Craigslist call girls, and then other bodies as well before the body of the girl they were originally looking for, Shannon Gilbert, was finally found, has stuck in my head ever since I saw a story on 48 Hours.

That’s a link to  the 48 Hours story on Shannon Gilbert and what her disappearance led to, for those who want to get a jump on part 2 of this 3 part blog.

To come away from the dark side and end on a good note. THANK YOU to my new followers! I should write “blog” followers.  Don’t wan t anyone to think I’m trying to recreate the T.V. show “The Following”.  Although I do like the show… and it’s story line dealing with a serial killer using the internet to gather other twisted people to help in his games does fit into where I am going with all this. Damn, still kinda ended on the dark side.

To Be Continued…