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The Easter Bunny

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Growing up I had always wondered what bunnies had to do with eggs. And then later I wondered what does it all have to do with the Resurrection of Jesus.

Back in the days of Myspace I did a Sunday Blog (did I mention I was a Minister?) and I did an Easter Blog on this subject. In the blog I wrote about how Christianity and Paganism merged in many places to get the Pagans to convert. Those Pagans liked to celebrate, and although they were willing to accept Christ, they did not want to give up their celebrations. So stories of Jesus were combined with pagan holidays to create new traditions. Like Winter Solstice and the Birth of Jesus becoming Christmas.

Easter is the result of such tradition merging. Instead of rehashing what I have read about the Easter Bunny,  read what Wikipedia has to say:

And here’s a blog that explains it well:

Yes, that one covers it all nicely!

Happy Easter Everyone! Or at least to all the Pagans and Christians.