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Stop The Madness!

Posted in Catfish, Internet with tags , on May 30, 2013 by zero dinh

Once again the internet being used for lies and deception leads to the death of someone. If you think using the internet for any type of catfish game is harmless, I ask you to read the article above.
If you pretend to be someone on the internet in any attempt to fool or trick someone, FOR WHAT EVER REASON, in my book you are no better than Kyle Dube, from the article above.
We need to stop this! We need to start using the internet to understand each other not to fool each other!

I wish I could say that this case will be the one to shock us in to better behavior or this blog will make the world change its ways or that any blog, movie, song, poem, book, etc. will actually get through to us as a whole and make us finally start treating each other better. I know though that my cry in one in a million that for some reason seem like whispers of secrets we ignore. Some day I hope our cries will come together creating a scream that will no longer be ignored. Until then please warn your loved ones, especially the younger ones who still might not get how deceitful people can be. Tell them not to trust anyone on the internet they do not already know. Look at each Facebook page as a fake each IM as a lie.  Question anyone you do not know for sure who they are. And NEVER meet with someone you talked to online alone. Keep it public and bring friends.

What happened to this poor girl should never happen, yet it happens all the time. It’s time we stopped allowing it!


Catfish & Serial Killers Part 1

Posted in Catfish, Serial Killers with tags , , , , , , , on March 18, 2013 by zero dinh

Have you seen the movieCatfish“? I have not, but learned about it while reading an article on Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o and his fake online girlfriend’s death. If you do not know the story, he had an online relationship with some one he then believed died. This was talked about during games and received other national news coverage. Then it was discovered that  the girlfriend was not real and Mante Te’o was a victim of an online hoax.

So this led me to the movie Catfish where a similar situation had happened during the filming of a documentary. I also learned the Urban Dictionary‘s definition of:

1. catfish
A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Now the movie is questioned to be a mockumenty which, since no one involved seems to confirm or deny this, it could mean that the movie itself is a hoax  exposing the world to this strange misuse of social media.  A lucrative but harmless as well as informative hoax. But as in the Manti Te’o story, Catfishing is not so harmless and it’s only evolving into much more dangerous places.

And just to get on an ongoing  blog theme here without getting off topic. I said before that we are not using the tools around us (in this case the internet) to move forward. We use things to lie and fool each other. We play games.

Facebook pages of possible serial killer victims?

I ran across the above link while looking up info on the Long Island Serial Killer. For reasons I will get into in part 2 of this blog, the story of a missing Craigslist call girl leading to the discovery of  4 other bodies of missing Craigslist call girls, and then other bodies as well before the body of the girl they were originally looking for, Shannon Gilbert, was finally found, has stuck in my head ever since I saw a story on 48 Hours.

That’s a link to  the 48 Hours story on Shannon Gilbert and what her disappearance led to, for those who want to get a jump on part 2 of this 3 part blog.

To come away from the dark side and end on a good note. THANK YOU to my new followers! I should write “blog” followers.  Don’t wan t anyone to think I’m trying to recreate the T.V. show “The Following”.  Although I do like the show… and it’s story line dealing with a serial killer using the internet to gather other twisted people to help in his games does fit into where I am going with all this. Damn, still kinda ended on the dark side.

To Be Continued…