Seasons Change

Yes, seasons change and life goes on.  I even started blogging again on my LISK blog and think I made a little difference there, but again, no mater what is said, I’m no hero. I do have a passion to create though. A passion to write. And I still believe a difference can be made and the world can change, and human rights will one day mean something and we will choose to treat each other better. For now though I leave the “red & black” to sit and wait tell I am ready to return to it.

I have created a new blog called “zero’s world”:

It’s where anything I do in the future as well as some older stuff including this blog can be found. All in one place. Just in case any of you would like to continue to see what I have to say.

I hope to see you there.


One Response to “Seasons Change”

  1. I will not let u rest until u accept the FACT that u ARE ‘our’ HERO!!!!! TY so very much, you have endured so much for so few…But a true difference has been made, a positive, caring selfless one!!!!

    ZERO for Prez!!

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