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Stop The Madness!

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Once again the internet being used for lies and deception leads to the death of someone. If you think using the internet for any type of catfish game is harmless, I ask you to read the article above.
If you pretend to be someone on the internet in any attempt to fool or trick someone, FOR WHAT EVER REASON, in my book you are no better than Kyle Dube, from the article above.
We need to stop this! We need to start using the internet to understand each other not to fool each other!

I wish I could say that this case will be the one to shock us in to better behavior or this blog will make the world change its ways or that any blog, movie, song, poem, book, etc. will actually get through to us as a whole and make us finally start treating each other better. I know though that my cry in one in a million that for some reason seem like whispers of secrets we ignore. Some day I hope our cries will come together creating a scream that will no longer be ignored. Until then please warn your loved ones, especially the younger ones who still might not get how deceitful people can be. Tell them not to trust anyone on the internet they do not already know. Look at each Facebook page as a fake each IM as a lie.  Question anyone you do not know for sure who they are. And NEVER meet with someone you talked to online alone. Keep it public and bring friends.

What happened to this poor girl should never happen, yet it happens all the time. It’s time we stopped allowing it!



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I saw three videos released by Anonymous yesterday:

Back when I first heard of Anonymous they dealt mainly with political corruption (at least what I knew of them) and I think we can all agree our government as well as the rest of the worlds governments need some changes. I never really followed them and try to stay away from those out there with hacker abilities, but I have to admit, a group like ANONYMOUS intrigues me and I applaud what they have accomplished. For the most part they seek truth and justice for those who need help. Sounds like the A-Team for the internet right? (LMAO, A team)

OK moving on, my other blog, that bastard step-blog that steals all the views: ( ) dealing with MM7 and led me to a blog by a man named Murt. Which lead me to Radionewz and Anonluverz and many other blogs similar in content. (click on my other blog link above to find links to most of these, and each of them will lead you to more.)

But back to Murt. While he was trying to explain to me in a comment how he got involved in being accused by MM7 of being a her stalker he said anonymous had asked him to look into the mysterious “drone” (again from MM7’s blog, no longer up, and my other blog mentioned above). I thought he ment someone wanting to remain anonymous, he wrote this to explain to me what anonymous was:

May 2, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Anonymous is hard to explain. It is a movement not a specific group or orgsmization (sp). You, me or anyone can be anonymous. It simply means that an individual or group operates without any kind of identifiable names although some using the anonymous format will adopt a username that identifies them as part of Anonymous and that group or #op. The movement has it’s roots in a movie V is For Vendetta which is were the idea for the masks they wear came from. It is said Anonymous was originally formed to protest The Church of Scientology. Anonymous members were primarily affiliated with which is known for publishing pornography and anime.
An increasing number of people have adapted the Anonymous format, most of whom, have little if any understanding what they have gotten themselves involved with.


I was like, wait, the link between MM7 and Murt was the political hacktivists in the masks. How is that possible. OK so this all got a little hokey quick and everyone but me has moved on from this collision of bullied bloggers. And maybe I need to move on as well.

But blog wars are not what I think of when it comes to Anonymous… well at least I didn’t then. But due partly as Murt said, anyone can be Anonymous, there is no leader, so people bring their personal beefs to the table sometimes.  And the table is large and impossible to see everyone sitting at it.  I still appreciate Anonymous as a whole and I hope they will not become anyone’s and everyone’s personal venting tool or blog army. Some would say it already has, I am not one of those. I posted the above operation links to help get their message out as well as begin my blog. I still like the idea of people coming together to RIGHT WRONGS.  But if real cyber-bullying and corruption is clouded by blog wars and personal vendetta, then  Anonymous is just another screen name, all be it an anonymous one.

Vegas Confidential

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New Blog Is Up:

Hope you check it out. This will be a group effort and will cover a variety of differnt things going on in Las Vegas. So don’t forget to Follow It…



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My thirteenth post! What should it be about?
The number 13… lucky or unlucky?
That of course depends on an individual’s perception.
From an early age we know 13 is an unlucky number. Long before Jason Vorhee put on a hockey mask and started hacking up campers, Friday the 13th was known to be the unluckiest day of the month.
Where did this all come from? Thirteen has long been considered as an unlucky number of people to have as dinner guest. This probably developing from two different stories. At the Last Supper in Christian theology, there were 13 dinner guests, so that number is unlucky because Christ was betrayed. And in Norse mythology, 12 benevolent gods were gathering in a hall and the evil god Loki attacked the group. Loki was the 13th guest, and the god Balder was killed in the melee.
So 13 dinner guest… not good. And from there we just ran with it.
Most hotel rooms do not have a 13th floor and some planes skip over the 13th row. And they do this because there are so many people who believe the number 13 to truly be unlucky. But of course the 13th floor or row is still there, we just don’t call it that. So is it really unlucky?
I’ve already said that I think numbers are important and that doesn’t make me a genius, scientific equations are full of numbers and our computer age is all about ones and zeros. Numbers are as important as air and water. But is the number 666 evil and is 13 unlucky? Only if you make them.

The number 13 once deemed unlucky has become a pop culture favorite. Many people have  a 13 tattoo and Friday the 13th is now often treated like a holiday. Many successful athletes have worn the number 13, if the number was so unlucky how could this be?

So perception is the key, if you don’t like a number and think it is unlucky, it is, stay away from it. But YOU get to choose. We make them lucky or unlucky for us, and once we do they seem to work accordingly. So pick your numbers and make them work for you!

And next Friday the 13th, try throwing a party, who knows? You might get lucky.