Catfish & Serial Killers Part 3

This is a link to another story done on the Long Island case or cases as you can see in the clip, just about everyone has a different opinion as to what has happened and who might be responsible. It is done after Shannan’s body was found. And that’s the last I had heard about the case until last month when I was trying to find the latest on what was going on in Long Island and I came across an article on Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mother) and a lawsuit she filed against Dr. Hackett.  Although police keep insisting Shannan’s death an unfortunate accident her family did not seem to believe this. And from an outside view I’d have to agree. The story of Shannan having an “episode” or reaction to drugs and fleeing out into the marsh getting stuck and then drowning or succumbing to the elements seems very unlikely when you look at the rest of the suspicious story. But the police seem so sure, and since their version means she could have been alive out there and the lack of search for her right from the first night makes the police look negligible, to me at least,  so I’m thinking ither they have good reason to believe their findings or they are not letting the public know what they really suspect, as to not damage their case. Of course there’s a third possibility (of course) that the authorities dropped the ball from the get go and are now trying to play catch up with someone or someones and are completely lost. I hope not. But since there is so much disagreement, from whether Shannan’s death is related  to how many killers might be involved, I feel only time and luck will help break this case. But I believe the lawsuit is a good step forward. There are many unanswered questions about Dr. Hackett, Brewster, and the gated community at Oak Beach. Maybe some of these answers will come out in court.

So to get on with this before we reach a thousand words, last month while trying to find out more info on the lawsuit I came across a site called and if I thought this case was strange before it was bout to go beyond all boundaries of bizarreness.

I warn you now, this might get confusing.

The first post I came across was by some one called mysterymom7.  From the post and comments it was plain to see that mysterymom7 believed Dr. Hackett not only killed Shannan Gilbert but was a serial killer who had been getting away with murder for a long time. And then after going to her own blog:  I learned that she also believed Dr. Hackett was cyber stalking her. All this seemed pretty outrageous, but this case was outrageous, nothing in it seemed to make sense. So maybe there was something here. I read through hundreds, then thousands of posts and comments and all of  mysterymom’s blog and here’s what at first made me think there was something going on here, first off there were hints in many posts that MM7 (mysterymom7) had been in contact with Mari Gilbert (Shannan’s mom) and the court case against Dr. Hackett. Then I see (through posts) that the doctor now lives in Florida. Which is where MM7 lives. How do I know this, because in reading back through comments her name and private info had been put out by many other commenters. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And since this is already knocking on 600 words I’m gonna have to condense, maybe a side blog is needed here… So while reading through posts and comments this is how it evolved in my perception: MM7 had been involved in a sleuthing site, (which until recently I could not get into at all and even now it is limited without joining.) Her belief that the Doctor was a serial killer was not met well with some of the others, again I don’t know what happened on this site for sure and different people say differnt reasons for MM7 being kicked off and it’s drastic changes, but they all do agree they are connected and atleast somewhat to do with the fact that MM7 thought at least one of the sleuthers was really Dr. Hackett. I then gather it has something to do with ither “sleuthing a member”,  which people have posted is not allowed, so if MM7 was sleuthing Dr. Hackett as a possiblbe serial killer and then accused another sleuther of being Dr. Hackett, then she was thereby sleuthing another member (sort of) which I have read is not alowed or it might be because MM7 likes to cut and pastes people’sposts, which has been said is also not allowed, though I don’t know why people care about what they post being re-posted somewhere else. Besides any point, MM7 was removed from websleuth and maybe others, I do not know but I did see it happen all over again on As I read through all the comments on MM7’s posts and a few others it was plain to see PS149 did not like MM7’s ideas. PS149 Posted she “was a ruiner of lives”.  There are other posters on here 2 that go way back who also seem to have the same disagreement. Flukeyou and Too Close. Flukeyou is someone who has been posting for quite some time that Dr. Hackett is the killer and  Too Close strongly disagrees. And there are others, Linda who at first seems interested in flukeyou and MM7’s ideas that Dr.Hachett is atleast guilty of something, but then later is in agreement with PS149. Through out it all, lots of information is posted, new characters are added to the possibilty of the LISK, who he might be, and what happened to Shannon Gilbert. But Flukeyou and PS149 seemed to know alot of inside stuff and the 2 of them went at it like 2 wizards throwing spells at each other back and forth. Tic for Tac.  But it was the use of MM7’s real name and the crude things that were said to her that made me want to know more about her side of this story.

Shortly before I started reading all these posts and comments MM7 had started her own blog called “Catching LISK” which is here on wordpress and a link is posted above to. On it I have commented back and forth with MM7 and Linda a few times, but I am trying not to let anyone cloud my head in trying to figure out this mess of sock puppets, oh wait I haven’t even gotten to that part yet, I knew it, over a thousand words in and not a word on “Sock Puppets”.

If you read MM7’s blogs or some of the comments on the term “sock puppets” is used,  by MM7 and Flukeyou to describe the various different screen names they beleved Dr. Hackett was using, at least at the moment,  to cyber stalk MM7. The term “Sock Puppet” is a name used in the “Luka Magnotta Case”.

Luka’s story is another bizarre tale of murder and the internet in which, according to police, Magnotta set up at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under different names. “Sock Puppets”.

So MM7 believed Dr. Hackett had his own sock puppets, top of her list? PS149.  Flukeyou  often posted CPH=LISK (Charles Peter Hackett is Long Island Serial Killer) as well as PS149=CPH. But PS141 and others also called out “Sock Puppet”  claiming MM7= Flukeyou. That could make sense, since they both were so sure The Doctor was a serial killer. Maybe they were the same person. But then MM7’s real identity was posted. And once it was posted others posted it all over the comments. MM7 never denied being who others on were claiming  she was, in fact on her own blog she posted a picture of herself  and “came out” of anonymity. (is that right?) MM7=CBK.  And that’s when lot’s of nasty stuff got said on both as well as MM7’s own blog. But it was the comments on her own blog that were the worse. The screen names in which people left comments as well were alarming. The worst coming from some one commenting under the SN: CPH. (yes the doctor’s initials) He wrote many posts that were violent and threatening, including threatening to gut MM7’s children. That’s right! MM7 and her family were threatened in many posts.

But there were other comments on here, also using screen name’s from the actual case. Some one using the SN Barbara H. (the Doctor’s  Wife) posts numerous times pleading with the doctor to stop lying and give himself up . And other comments left by the SN GUS (one of the neighbors that Shannan ran to the night she disappeared) also telling CPH to give himself up. And tis is just some of the bizarre posts and comments I had stumbled into. And just as I was finishing up on reading all of them and trying to understand “what was really going on” things started to shift…

It began with the accusation on that Flukeyou was some one named Joey S.  and  that his family had actually lived in the same gated community as Brewer and Hackett and in fact had many reasons to hate the Doc and want to set him up. What, what, what? Fluke denied being JS, but said he knew the family and they were good people who would “love” to tell what they knew about the people involved in this case.

I knew something was about to happen and decided then that I needed to write a blog about the whole thing. If there was any truth to what PS149 was posting, then that changed everything, I mean I looked back and Flukeyou has been posting for a long time, he could easily have messed with other posters ideas as well as had a few “sock puppets”. I had often thought the Barbara H. and Gus posts might have come from him. But my bigger question was who was PS149. How was he able to find out this info. This could explain why Flukeyou suspected the Doc. He knew him, so he ither truly thought the Doc did it or hated him enough to want to frame him. But why was PS149 so sure the Doc was innocent, he said he did not know him, then why become the Doc’s savoir? There had to be reasons. And more important how was he getting his info?

It moved quick from here, PS149 would post info about Joey S. and his family and Flukeyou would counter post something about the Doc or another resident in the “community”. It was pretty crazy for a minute. There was no way to confirm any of the stuff that was being posted, but if any of it was true, then a lot of “dirty laundry” was being aired out. Then  Ps149  suggested maybe Joey/Flukeyou didn’t just have a thing for the Doc. Maybe he was covering his own tracks. Then the comments Flukeyou=LISK.  But this was nothing new. If you read enough posts and comments everyone is accused of being LISK at one time or another. But what was different, was that now MM7 was also saying Flukeyou can’t be trusted and hinted to him actually being Joey S.  She also no longer believed the Doctor was the killer and was starting over in her investigation.

What was going on here? What had I stumbled into? I thought this is where this blog would be ending, and looking at the word count it really needs to. But there is so much more I have already left out I already fear it all seems like confused madness, but something is messing with my “spidey senses” here so bare with me a little further. As I blogged, things happened.

A new post in MM7’s blog names “guest” at Brewer’s house the night Shannan disappeared. They supposedly came from a blogger using the SN Jim Jones. Jim Jones is new to me, but from what I gather he has blogged about LISK and had interviews with many key people involved. MM7 also gives out Jim Jones real name and some other private information in her blog. This may just be to show proof of what she was posting, but on the site PS149 and others were already commenting on how terrible it was to post his real name. Is this irony? I always get confused on what irony is, thank you Alanis Morisette. PS149 even posted “There’s a serial killer out there”.  This may be so, but I have to wonder why weren’t anyone concerned for MM7’s personal information that was posted everywhere.  But that may not mater, because PS149 then posted that he had talked to Jim Jones (???) (everyone knows everyone here) and that the things MM7 was posting were lies. And not only that but the person who called Jim Jones said she was MM7, but her real name was Dorothy. A full name was given and it is the name of someone who seems to be involved in this all as well. PS149 is now saying MM7 is not CKB, the housewife from Florida, but D (full name removed by request), someone who may have a very simular story.

And here sadly I must bring this monster to an end, with nothing more than questions really.  Flukeyou vanished from the posts. And just the other day both PS149 and MM7  were banned from and all their posts are gone as well. Earlier this morning I found both DPH and Jim Jones on Facebook but now I am having a hard time finding them. And what would it matter? Any one can be any one on here right?

Ok hope there is at least someone still reading, I will epilogue this thing and move on.

What is going on in these posts and blogs, about a serial killer still out there?  I’m not sure. Sleuthers one upping each other? Maybe. People involved in the case mixing up information? Possibly. A killer or killers using the internet for their own purpose? It has happened. As with the case of LISK, the answers may come with time. and MM7’s blogs are still there. Though we may not know who is posting, the postings will continue. So if you are interested in any part of this case, click on the links and read for yourself. For now I must move on. After all of this I’ll leave you with a simple truth… Catfish=Dangerous!


there is now a side-blog on this subject:


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  1. not bad at all for someone just entering all this..sums it up well there zero

  2. Ty, but I had to leave alot out. I could have written pages all of it. I didn’t even touch how I find and “Catch the long island serial killer” on facebook (which I am now having a hard time bringing up) a little suspicious as well. I had seen simular arguments on other posts on both of these sites (which I’m guessing are conected since all of the emails were reposted on the facebook page) accusing people of not being who they say they are and could be the killer. It’s internet Deja Vous! I’d like to know who really runs these sites. Who am I kidding, I’d like to know who everyone is. That’s the only way to find out if any of this is important to the case or a bunch of internet pranksters.

  3. It seems both catch the long island killer on facebook as well as are both down. Hmmm.

  4. you did fine..please check out MM7s blog…apparently there was MUCH MORE going on then meets the eye..its important and relevant information..i had no clue

    ive recently begun to check out those sites and pages myself, felt i had to under the circumstances..this has been going on much longer than i ever imagined.

    if you check out her blog, you will find much more informative info than i can adequately jaw is officially hanging open.. learning i really had no clue to “truth”..but one must keeps ones mind open

    judge for yourself..had i known any of this stuff it would have absolutely changed my attitude toward her..for the better

    My feeling as of today, is that is it best the site is down..any of us could have become a victim of stalking based on how the site was run..

  5. Zero, at this point i can hardly keep up myself..i AM however still very concerned about LISK..Natasha Judo is very much on my mind and in my heart..the rest i truly need to try and separate from..the accusations are hurtful to me and just wish peace for all at this point. In my wildest imagination would i have ever thought id be considered a killer or stalker or part of ANY conspiracy to hurt anyone..i just want the crimes to stop and justice to be done

  6. Sophia Hall Says:

    All due respect, you are candy-coating a great deal of this story and you are missing some crucial facts. MM7 is neither the saint or the victim you paint her to be. Her blog still contains all the proof that she is the one who is a cyberstalker. I do not see anywhere on the internet where PS-149, Jim Jones, CPH, Vito, THY, HA, Remy, or any of the other characters she blogs about are blogging about her and discussing her. Her collection of screenshots of posts made by some of these characters on other websites (like dates back several months proving that she has been stalking them. You also are missing the fact that she has deleted/changed much of the really really evil things she uploaded to her blog. For instance, she once had a page titled “THE FACE OF THE LONG ISLAND SERIAL KILLER” where she posted a large amount of photos of Dr peter hackett. Such a childish act is beyond freedom of speech protection. she comitted slander and libel. She spread false rumors and lies about Dr. Hackett including a very ugly lie accusing Dr hackett of stealing a dead patient’s identity to play poker tournaments in Atlantic City. On the blogger Jim Jones/Field Notes posted proof that MM7 never called her and that woman Dorothy did. Yet MM7 continues to tell everyone lies and blog that SHE spoke with Jim Jones. Also Fluke continued to deny that he is Joey S. yet MM7 has confirmed that she had been speaking with Joey on the phone and there is proof circulating around the internet now that Joey S. was friends with MM7’s husband DB. There is also proof that DB has been to New York many times during the years the girls went bye bye without a trace. There is also proof that DB has a penchant for strippers. You also missed how her blog contained hundreds of details about masturbation, drug abuse and psychological problems. She put all of that trash on her blog them claimed she didn’t write them but as you know from having your own blog it is the bloggers choice and responsibility to decide whether or not to add content or not to the blog. ultimately it was her decision to add all that content. Even the stuff about her children. what kind of mother hits the “approve comment” button on her blog to allow her blog to contain threats against her own children or any child for that matter.

    • No sugar coating… but I did skim alot. And there are things from all around that I skimed over. But both sides seemed sketchy and that is how i tried to show it. I truely don’t believe anyone is who they are saying they are. There are lots of mentions of lawsuits from different posters. So if lawsuits do come out of this then maybe proof of something more than word games can be shown. Right now everyone just keeps pointing fingers. if you read all 3 parts of my blog you’ll see how I mentioned about Flukeyou being on there for a long time (in fact Flukeyou and Too Close argued over The Doctor being the killer over a year ago, at least) and that if he is Joey (which everyone including MM7 say he is) then there is already much more going on here then anyone is letting on. It can’t just be some people wanting to expose mm7 for being gulible. All sides are funky, so there fore I expose you all before your peers… “Tear down the walls!” LOL!

    • i have never seen ANY proof that DB associated with Joey s??

    • PROOF and RUMORS..two very different things!!

    • Also I would like to point out, that even though I have it set for me to have to approve comments on my blog it still will post some without me ever approving it. But what are you are saying has not been lost on me over all this. MM7 ither is letting posts go dispite the harshness of them in order for everyone to see what she is going through and to try to catch someone in criminal offences or there are no children and she has no reason to worry. I do not beileve it is bad parenting like so many want to cry out on here. I do say this though to MM7, do you really think Melissa Cann decided to break her silence on my blog to warn me about you? you of all people should know that any email address giving on any comment is fake. If they weren’t, you should have CPH’s (the sceen name, not the Doc) email and able to press charges on him. Which maybe there are lawsuits out there like you and others keep saying. But at first yours were against the Doc. Now that that has changed, are they against Joey? Or as you have stated, are you close to exposing some of these posters for the frauds or connected suspects they are. I hope someone actually has some truth to stand on. But I am not holding my breath. The screen names will change, but this game will continue.
      Just because Melissa throws out some info you know does not make it her. All of you have been trading E-mails and phone calls. And info is being passed around, both good info and bad. You all frustrate me a little with your abilities to play a game with such a tragic RL subject.
      And Sophia, who cares about who writes what blog. Once anyone goes online and choose to get involved in any form of it, what we post,blog,upload,etc is fair game. In fact to further information or truth and lies being exposed I am all for it. What sucks is that what we put out there can be used to hurt us or others. I do not agree with that, true cyber-bulling should never be allowed and we should all speak up against it. If that is going on here then those involved should keep trying to get authorities to see it might be more than trolls (and yes SN Melissa I know all about trolls, I have been online since the days of Prodigy)
      I would love to live in a world where we use the internet to truly get closer to eachother and help solve things.
      The girls whose bodies were identified in this case put their info on the internet, their intent was not for someone to use that information and kill them, but someone did.
      That is the world in which we live.

      • Initially, I let ALL comments go through (after an email had been approved) to show the reality of what was being said to me. I would have come across as a loon if I said, “I have threatening comments, but I’m not going to approve them.” The emails many have used are fakes. I’ve tried emailing a couple, and they were bounced back. The names change, the email addresses change, but the IP stays the same.

        “CPH” is the same as “Cristin is a N****” is the same as “CKB=mysterymom7” is the same as “Should Die” is the same as “.”… the list goes on, and all from the same IP.

        I may not have any comments with that info out, but it’s fine, because I have PLENTY of evidence that has been handed over. The damage has been done. These people (there’s a couple who have cyberstalked me) underestimated my persistence to get an investigation going on them.

        I don’t have a lawsuit, cyberstalking is a federal CRIME that is investigated by the FBI and it is the US Attorney who prosecutes the charges. So it is out of my hands at this point. No amount of smooth talking, lies, and misinformation can stop what is already in motion as much as they continue to try.

        Obviously, the website admin at LISK thought if the damage can’t be seen, no problems would arise. Again, it is TOO LATE to backpedal.

        The threats of lawsuits against ME are unfounded, which is why I added a link to the laws on my blog. I’m not a stupid person. I’ve been underestimated at just how smart I actually am. Now they are on a campaign to discredit me with the victims’ families (why MC came along). Again, I am who I say I am, and the truth WILL come out.

        There’s smoke and mirrors everywhere and have been long before I started writing my opinions. The same opinions have been written for YEARS before me, but for whatever reason, they chose ME to attack. They picked the wrong woman.

      • I figured as much, it is very easy to make an email account.

    • wheres this supposed proof about fluke and db?

    • again wheres this PROOF of a DB connection,,,as you see zero “they avoid” the questions most important

    • My husband has been to NY for business maybe 7 days TOTAL in the 11 years we’ve lived in FL.

      I hit “approve” on those comments to show the reality of how nutty YOU were. What I can see on WordPress is that all those comments YOU wrote as “mysterymom7” and all the OTHER names YOU used detailing masturbation, drug use and psychological problems came from the same IP.

      And that is why I have a FEDERAL CYBERSTALKING CASE under investigation.

      So, Zero, please keep these comments and any from THIS person. It will be most helpful! Thanks!

      • what people don’t realize is I have lots of comments saved… I’m starting to think maybe some truth will come out of this. I really hope you have a lawsuit and someone will be held accountable for this. My only question is, when I frist started reading these, you were sure it was CPH and you were going to be suieng him for stalking. But I’m guessing that has changed. Oh no question I guess, just not sure, but also understand that if there is a case behind this you can’t discuss all that to much.

      • Worried About You Says:

        Good luck with that honey.

        my husband’s daughter had a cyberstalker. It was the mom of one of her rivals in school. that woman used her real name on her real facebook account to post all sorts of mean and false shit on my stepdaughter’s facebook page. she spread rumors that my stepdaughter is a slut who slept with the entire art club. so frigging mean.


        I handed all that proof over to the police who then told me to go to the U.S. Attorney since it was the interent and it would be a Federal case.

        Turns out there are like FOUR THOUSAND cases waiting to be investigated by the feds involving cyberstalking vioklations. FOUR THOUSAND!

        three years later (yes, three years) they got around to knocking on doors. they had proof in hand from the IP address that the asshole mom cyberstalker logged in to her facebook account from her DSL account. Case closed.

        So I thought.

        reality was that without a wittness to testify that they visually watched that mom type all that mean shit or without her confession, there was no way to prove that someone other than her did not walk over to her computer and type the damaging words about my husband’s daughter.

        Feds said it could have been one of that woman’s children, their friends, her friends, her boyfriend, the maid, the gardner, the plumber, the landscaper… the list went on and on. Then there was the possiblity that her iternet wireless modem was tapped into by one of her neighbors or their guests (apparantly the signal from them things travels 500 feet).

        The best the Feds could promise was that there visit would put a scare into the woman. Instead it backfired and the cyberstalking started all over again tenfold. we went back to the us attorney and made another complaint. never heard a thing about that because of that four thousand pending cases problem they got.

        So good luck honey. hope you get the justice u seek. just don’t hold your breathe.

  7. also, all there are lots of things people bring up that I did not get into, I could not get into all the things that had me puzzled me about the comments on the LISK site and MM7s blogs. Even at over two thousand words I could only scratch at it. My goal was to get others to go read these posts and bring some light to it. But now that is down, that can’t happen. I did read alot of the posts though, so I could dissect it more, of course it would still only be my view of what I read there, like some of the other wierd posts (one of the wanda’s really struck me as odd)
    But what whould come of it? Would I just atract a bunch of trolls?

    • what did wanda post..i have had MAJOR questions when it comes to “her”

      • well there was different wandas as well as people posting as wanda that probably wasn’t, you know, same ol song and dance, but in a few posts that I read she said that she believed it was a “group” involved and that she knew some of the killers. Again it was not just sleuth but hinting to involvement that seems to happen on both of the LISK sites.

  8. still think IM the most devious of all zero?? doesn’t it make ur head spin??

  9. wanda was def what you refer to as a sock puppet..or just plain nuts..she claimed the killer actually visited her..ignore

  10. she disappeared along with fluke

    • yea, but she came and went alot, so it could just be coincidence. But Flukeyou is the one I would almost bet money on had more then one SN. But who else? You know I think you are one of someone eles SN as well. But I could be wrong.

      • MM7 has all my info EXCEPT my last name..tell me how i can trust you and ill email u from my “real email” so tired of being called a liar..i don’t know how to do this safely..?? so tired of the games

      • plus i would kind of like set her mind at you, i don’t know who to trust and i don’t want what happened to her to happen to me?? i mean one day someones gonna call you a sock puppet too..its frustrating defending something that just isnt true..clueless how to defend

      • the thing is zero, ive never taken one side or the other. with new info i changed my mind on certain things, but had NO particular affliation with anyone..i always liked Cheryl as she helped me being a newbie..i started blogging to get to fluke..he has always made the hair on my neck stand up..ill work with you, but how??

  11. sooner or later someone will be calling YOU the LISK..get ready

  12. meanwhile 11 dead women..

    • yes, which is why those who are playing a game here (especialy troll types who are just doing it to do it) are pretty sad types. But those who are sleuthing or involved in this case and some of it helps lead to answers, well then I think it is worth it. But I am not a cop, a sleuther, or anyone close to or with any info about case. (although I know there is a dead man in there as well) Hopefully those who can solve this will…and soon.

  13. as far as the “group” theory, wanda wasnt the only one who felt that way. We all threw around different theories about they case, then discussed. Very few of us claimed to know things for sure..i always added “imo”, as others did..the only person that used the word “fact” was fluke..then ps149. in 149 case however he would always post a link backing what he was saying.

    I questioned 149 quite a bit after his most recent posts regarding “JJ”, but he avoided many of my questions??

    I have NEVER wavered in my feelings toward fluke, but from time to time adjusted my belief as new info came to light..nothing malicious..good luck though, your new voice is welcome (long as your not a sock puppet 🙂 )..

  14. look, who am i kidding. after all that went on on that site, i understand your mistrust. i feel the same way. whether you believe it or not, its the 1st time i belonged to a blog and had NO IDEA how vicious things could get, i dont belong to FB, and now im kid and friends laugh at my stupidity on the entire subject..oh well, i guess this is par from the course?? i just wanted to im just embarrassed

  15. natasha jugo..any thoughts out there??

  16. Cyberstalking/harassment/threats don’t fall under a lawsuit. It is handed over to State and/or Federal prosecutors who investigate and press charges. It is out of my hands.

    A lawsuit doesn’t pursue these CRIMINAL acts. It would only be for monetary damages and that is not what I am after.

    I pray that those involved in my cyberstalking case are also involved in the LISK crimes and through my pursuit of them in THIS way (from FLORIDA-NOT Suffolk Co), their more sinister crimes are revealed, investigated and prosecuted and the families can FINALLY receive some justice. That’s always been my hope.

    • I say “lawsuits” as a general term, but also as a kind of joke, at how many on these sites talked about talikg to authorities and lawyers and all of that. I have my questions about everyone on here, but I truly hope you are CB, and are truly trying to not only help with the case, but also get to the bottom of all these posts. But many think you are easlily provoked and led by “Trolls”. (as you well know) This is very hard to know who if anyone is being honest on here. But once again I state: seperate from the LISK case, anyone being stalked or bullied on the internet, especialy when they are elaborate and become threatning should not be tolerated by anyone on here. It is one of the reasons I stay involved in this whole thing. To help in any way but also to see that some one is held accountable. I was one of the first to come on here and voice my concern for Linda’s flip/flop posts. Her’s seemed the easiest to detect as “not real” then I realized that, that was just how the posts in this place go. damn, I get so long in my comments. Anyways, I just hope that you (or in the case that you are the haraser here as some try to say, sorry but gotta play devil’s advicate when the truth is unkown) that you (they) continue to take the steps in holding them responsilble. Am I just repeating myself now?

      • Oh, yes, there have been quite a few threats of lawsuits. I don’t make threats of any kind, I just DO, and THEN say it’s been DONE.

        If any “mysterymom7” comes through without my picture, it’s not me. You can see my info, I don’t play games. This isn’t a game to me, it’s reality.

  17. hey zero, don’t worry bout long posts. i actually have been told my short numerous posts are bad blogging etiquette..still learning

  18. the longer i began to post, the more i learned what was “acceptable” behavior, and tried to be more conscientious of others tone DID change from way back when because i realized some of my behavior was distracting..and still can be 🙂

  19. my offer still stands to help you in any way..even though me and MM7 dont always agree, she did keep her word to me and kept our emails private…id love to be able to show im not a stalker, just someone with A LOT of spare time due to an love to get back on track as far as discussing the case..of course i MUST be wary of you as well..i may have to ultimately give up trying to prove myself and just ignore any lies said about confused

  20. i just read mm7 blog and the posts she stated were all done by me…there are Definitely posts on there not written by me..i am not technology sayy and again have no way to defend myself…all i can say..i was very nervous when i received that voicemail and did post some of those things..but def not all…this is a joke for real ..oh well…this was always supposed to be about victims..its not anymore..that is shameful

    • Well well well… Are you going to call me a liar here instead of directly to me? If you want to call me a liar… I was being kind by leaving your IP info, which is included in those emails, out of the screen shots. So do you want to retract that statement or should I go back and screen shot the whole thing?

      • i retract are a terrible hypocrite who is out to make a good woman bad…how sad, im a victim of abuse just like you..continue your game and obsession..i KNOW im a good should be ashamed focusing so much attention on me…but please suite yourself..NO ONE (meaning me) cares good is being done…what has ever been your point?? 111 dead women, and im your worst enemy and focus..its just so sad and absurd

      • your a trip …you don’t “like’ being called a liar, but have no problem accusing (falsely, i might add) everyone and anyone of being killers..its always all about you..joke .. remember the victims?? dead women??

  21. there was also a very lengthy and descriptive post about masturbation that has since been removed, supposedly written by me..i choose not to comment on her site any further..if there is a way we can work it out, im considering sharing more info about myself w you, but will never agree to it if it gets posted..

  22. Linda you know you are guilty. My wife has your IP address and info and has already signed the papers to put the FEDERAL investigation in motion to allow the FBI to go to your house and your place of employment to cease your computers and iphone.

    Consider yourself busted. Couldn’t you tell that my wife is a nutcase? Her obsessive personality won’t let this go until you are behind bars along with all of your buddies.

    • An apearance by Mr MM7, really?

      • Ahahahahahaha! That’s a good one! Now they’re using my husband’s name?!

        First of all, the only paper I signed for any FBI investigation is my initial statement to the US Attorney. It doesn’t work that way and my husband knows EXACTLY what I’ve done.

        My husband is more interested in providing for his family than coming on my blog or this blog (no offence, zero). What a joke!

  23. I would bet the IP from that comment matches the IP of the one that left over 500 comments on my blog. He/she is getting desperate now by using my husband’s name “worrying” about the FBI investigation of linda’s comments. The investigation centers around the 500+ comments from the ONE IP address… from Coram. But now he/she is in/near Centereach. He/she is no longer commenting on my blog, t/g!

    • iphone!! i wish more like metro pcs!! lol what a bunch of clowns..11 murdered truly sad

      • First, read, that wasn’t my husband that wrote that.

        Second, stop playing the victim! I don’t even do that. My cyberstalking case is a drop in the water that will hopefully expose these CRIMINALS, that’s all I’m after. I’m not playing the victim or whining about what’s been done. I just want these assholes in jail for their crimes-cyberstalking the lesser of evils.

      • I prety sure she knows it’s not you Husband… or was it only obvious to me?

  24. my “place of employment” is a hospital room…it really must be a teenager!!

  25. now because of mm7 ill have a bunch of crazies after me..thanks cristen,,thnks from me, the victims, and the REAL LISK

  26. hes probably having a good laugh and getting off…great work

  27. bet ya a million bux he/she wasn’t in coram or centereach.

  28. anyways, gotta go study for monday’s big algebra test.

    later gator.

  29. you think they’ll deliver pizza from wantagh to centereach?

  30. but still please send the FBI over to the homes of the people I stole internet access from. please please please do. i would LOVE to watch them quiver when the feds go to their homes and seize every laptop, desktop, smart phone and tablet.

    Oh the looks on their faces will be PRICELESS!!!!

    As far as me, I am protected by the law. Even if I told them who I am they wouldn’t be allowed to speak to me unsupervised because of my age. Maybe I should give you the address of my catholic school. send them there. i hate it there. maybe you can ask them to pull me out of school on Monday. that would be fine with me. anything to get the fuck away from the nun we call “Crazy Lady”.

    • You should read my other blog
      I’m about to go into my thoughts on this very thing. Are some of these posts from bored teenagers? Like Dan B.(the new 50cent) now claims he is.

      • A bored teen gathering my info to cyberstalk me because I wrote my opinions on a serial killer case? Doubtful.

        I think even teenagers are smarter than that! We’re not talking about who likes Justin Beiber here, we’re talking about an open investigation of a serial killer that stalks and murders REAL PEOPLE.

  31. This schizo continued talking to himself. How crazy! He now wants to say he’s a teenager? Please! Stealing the internet from some random person for 500+ comments? Does he think he can fool the FBI? Is he really THAT narcissistic? Someone must’ve told him you can change your IP easily, but it doesn’t work like that. He’ll find that out soon enough. I won’t engage with him anymore. I’ve had enough.

  32. Btw, zero, I wanted to clarify a statement you made in your post.

    Flukeyou was the one writing “CPH=LISK” and “ps149=CPH”. I don’t believe I ever wrote it like that. I was aware before ever commenting there that is fluke”s “signature” comment. I chose to word it differently because of that.

    Fluke revealed my suspicion about ps149 before I ever even read on the LISK site. I was still blissfully unaware of the crazy comments on while writing on websleuths.

    • Photographic memory here, but I can’t find where you had wrote it (since posts are gone) But I’m sure I saw both CPH=LISK and PS149=CPH posted by you as well as Fluke, but again, I have no proof other then what I remember. Not too important, you’ve stated many times you beleved CPH was LISK and also many times that you believed PS149 was CPH.

      • Yes, I’m sure I wrote I believed CPH and ONLY CPH was the LISK, I just don’t believe I ever stated it like fluke did with the = in the mix. My only criticism. I only point out the difference to make very clear (as when I first wrote on LISK) that I was not and still not a “sock puppet” of fluke’s. Under the influence of, yes, but not a sock puppet. I only saw one or 2 comments from a mysterymom7 that was NOT written by me.

      • I understand… and those would have been in the first stuff I read, so maybe you did not put = without “”, like this: In fluke’s defense, he’s only stated that “CPH=LISK”,
        so maybe i just remembered, and maybe you didn’t use the = sign, but again, you made it clear you agreed and thought CPH was LISK and that PS149 was probably CHP as well as others. You agreed with Fluke that LISK was using screen names on the site. Sorry if I got the = thing wrong. Bit for a moment it was being thrown around by a few people, I do know it was Flukes thing though.

  33. Yes, I likely wrote in fluke’s defense like that.

    • Check it now… I changed it.

      • Thanks! Btw, did you address my question of “we both know who you are. It’s our secret…” yet? I’m curious how you claim to know who is using my husband’s name to comment and then why you would keep it a secret.

      • Didn’t see that… I wondered, if someone would ask me about that, lol. I was sort of doing some fishing of on my own to get a reply outa Dan. I have suspisions, but for now that is all they are. But since you have many comments from many diffent SNs, I’m sure you have ideas on if some are connected, as you have somewhat posted.

  34. Not to tell you how to run your blog or anything, zero, but could you please stop letting “Dan B.” comments through? He’ll probably change it to someone else’s name that he knows; he’s an ass like that. I have over 500 comments from him and he’ll use you blog as another platform to spread his crazy. It just becomes annoying after a while… like a knat buzzing near your head.

    If you want to let other crazy comments from him through after he changes his alias again, that’s on you, but please force him to change from my husband’s name.

  35. Is there a way to protect against someone using your IP address??

    • Yeah, password protect your router. Using a cell, you’re not going to have anyone stealing your IP.

      • my landlord says its already password protected?? cables inc in rent so be careful of comments made by me..ill give u the fluke hint in subject

  36. The reply thread won’t go more than a few comments deep, so I’m addressing your latest comment about not knowing if I’m really CKB. I am, and I know that if you get an email notification of comments, you can see I am always consistent and you’ll never see me use any other name but mysterymom7.

    The crime being committed here is Cyberstalking when it comes to my name/my husband’s name being used in another forum I have commented. That is why I asked if you knew who it was commenting and why you would protect him from his crimes.

    • I have always said, if your part of this is really hapening then I hope you pursue it and get some answers and people cyberstalking you get caught. But there are questions in my head as to what is really going on in all these posts, and I am just tring to sort them out. But you know as well as I do they can get much more personal, then Dan B. And even though you’re comments always come from the same email, does not mean you aren’t capable as anyone else in making another email and posting other comments under other screen names, just saying. Pictures and manes can belong to anyone at this point, remember you were once 99% sure CPH was staliking you. I’m just not gonna believe anyone as gospel, atleast not at this time. But before you had even asked for me to stop Dan B. from commenting I did, but lt was because his nonsense and lyrics were boring me.

      • Then please pay close attention to the IP addresses I comment from. My cell and home are the only 2 that will ever show up as me.

      • Yes… but again that dose not mean that another comment made by another name with a differnt email isn’t also you… see.

  37. Worried About You Says:

    hi. nice blog. good replacement for LISK site.

    I tried posting on MM7’s bog but who knows if she will let thru what I wrote so i will try here too.

    u say u have a photographic memory. before it was all deleted from LISK and WS, did u memorize all those facts posted about MM7’s husband?

    Should she take her own advice-“Always question what’s in front of you. Don’t believe the “easy” explanation.” & perhaps question what is in front of her (her husband) & not beleive his easy explanations he gives about where he was and what he was doing?

    according to Joey, her husband’s facebook page contained lots of photos of him with skanky-looking woman. Joey also said his friend list photos looked like a penthouse pet photo directory. Joey said there was even photos of her husband from a trip he took up to new york with Joanna Krupa from the Miami housewife movie.

    Some of the deleted info about him on the other sites had proof he goes to strip clubs all of the time. i hope MM7 is playing it smart and careful. if her husband really has all of them assualt and battery arrests she must know he can be a really violent person capable of anything.

    I asked MM7 what about the drugs her husband was on when he was arrested for DUI in February. there is a clear drug connection between all of the victims. what if her husband is invloved?

    nobody wants to think of these things and everyone wants to laugh at the thought that a woman could be blogging about catching a mystery serial killer when all the while her own husband is was will always be the crazy killer she searched & searched for.

    makes sense don’t it?

    MM7 if u are reading this take your own advice and don’t turn the other cheek.

    When he can’t catch you PLEASE go look at your bank account statements online and see if he often makes large cash withdrawals from ATM machines after 10pm in the evening. If so, that is a RED FLAG that he’s either hiring escorts and/or buying more drugs.

    Does he really frequent strip clubs to enternain clients?

    Does he spend a great deal of time with his single friends?

    Does he often go on “business trips”.

    These are all things u need to think about.

    most stock promoters do their entire job from their office using telephone, emails, Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. They ain’t jumping on jet planes to New York. That seems to be a cover for something to hide.

    Is it true about the photos of him in New York and the photos of his “facebook fuckbuddies”?

    it ain’t easy thinking about this i know been there/done that too many times.

    watch yourself honey and protect yourself.

    your own worste nightmare may be sleeping in the bed next to you (whenever he finds the time to come home & join u).

    • First of all, asshole, don’t pretend you’re concerned for me or call me honey.

      Second of all, I approved all of your IDIOTIC statements on my blog. Hit refresh, genius.

      Thirdly, if you’re getting your info from Joe Scalise, then you’re being fed a bunch of bullshit. You should inform him that he should probably get himself a lawyer and keep his fucking mouth shut in the meantime. You should also do the same.

    • just cant understand taking such abuse from your MISOGYNIST husband??

  38. @Worried about you, your faked cyberstalking case you made up… keep telling yourself those lies. If you say it enough, maybe the lies will come true for you? I deal in REALITY, unlike YOU. If you want to believe that’s how a cyberstalking case works… BE MY GUEST. You’re obviously too stupid to realize I had all the evidence LONG ago and you just continue to give me MORE. So keep digging yourself deeper…

  39. Listen you hear this.

    My son speaks with her almost EVERY DAY she still calls him from Florida.

    Caller ID Orlando area.

    I tell him not to get involved with a married woman.

    She and him have fantasy delusions about helping police arrest Hackett.

    Families of victims won’t speak to either one of them now.

    I yell at him that she be bad news. Then her husband goes all psycho on my son last time he visit. Glad he home safe now.

    Readers beware.

    She not think straight.

    Hackett is a ahole indeed yet not capable of killings.

    I really wish she would stop calling and writing to my son. She gets him so worked up. She flirts with him not right. he said she is very lonely looking for companionship. yelled at him that she will never leave her husband. She wants revenge against him for cheating while she was out of town.

    It is very possible her last kd is my son’s. How effed up is that?

    My grandchild being raised by another man who thinks he is the father?

    There is a drug link with him. His arrest he was high. She said he is a junkee with cocaine & opiads. She will never leave him.

    Do not want my son to stuck raising his kids.

    Wish my son will stay away from that slut.

    • Is this Fluke? I really don’t believe it’s Evelyn, lol. But Fluke, maybe.

    • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!! OMG TY for that laugh! It was much needed. That is the FUNNIEST comment on all of these sites I have EVER read! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Thanks for putting that one through, zero! ‘Cept, now I gotta change my pants from laughing so damn hard! 😉

    • “She be bad news” ummm… IDIOT, if you’re going to pretend to be someone else, you should know the occupation of that person to be able to play it off and be believable. I doubt a 60+ year old WHITE WOMAN who works in the school system would be saying, “she be bad news”.

      Sounds like something LaureltonQueens would say. You get an F for effort there, Mikey poo. Keep trying.

    • Could you, at LEAST, be consistent with your misinformation…

      Are you trying to place me, my husband or JS as the serial killer? Maybe you should be clear with the thought you are trying to accomplish.

      You first named me as a prostitute and asked if I had ever been in NY/NJ, then I was screwing fluke, then you wished “torture, rape, torture again” of my children at the hands of my husband, then you were claiming I was DPH, then I was back to being myself (CKB), then you make my husband out to be the serial killer and try to place him with fluke, and now… my husband is raising fluke’s baby? LMFAO! Come on! Pick one and stick with it already!

      Btw, I’ve never been to the FL Keys, just an FYI if you need a little more background on me to make shit up.

      It’s no wonder you were fired from being an English teacher. You can’t come up with a good story to save your life! My kid could do better!

  40. i can’t believe that you are so dense mm7! either that or it truly is a big game with little joey. you are either playing or being played. which is it?

    and again why?

  41. where are you getting your info mm7?

    “Thirdly, if you’re getting your info from Joe Scalise, then you’re being fed a bunch of bullshit. You should inform him that he should probably get himself a lawyer and keep his fucking mouth shut in the meantime. You should also do the same”

    flops like a fish she does….

  42. This is exactly why the higher ups in the police force and FBI don’t share anything. What you explained has been going on for 100’s of years–witch hunts, etc. Only it evolves much faster with the internet.

  43. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked
    hard on. Any tips?

  44. Thanks , I’ve just been searching for information about this topic
    for a while and yours is the best I’ve found out so far.
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  45. […] Catfish & Serial Killers Part 3 […]

  46. All I can say is WOW. I just thought this case was tragic , and scary and went online to find more information. I thought maybe you all who have spent hours pouring over this case would actually know something. But the GB4 and Shannan, and the Manorville women are not gonna get any help from you people. I have never seen a group of adults act like this. I have news for you, none of you are solving any of these crimes. You’re too caught up in BS games and he said, she said. I’m out.

    • Once again, you are confused. I am not trying to solve any crimes, that’s for law enforcement ( and I know, they are not doing a very good job). My blogs question those who claim to have the answers, you know, your pal Fluke and his gang of crazies. But please do understand, I have spoken to many close to these cases and they also all say fluke and those like him are off based and are twisting things to fit their narratives. But don’t believe me, just read Lost Girls or watch the different tv shows on the subject. They all come to the same conclusion, Fluke and others who have tales of the Doc or their husbands or a mechanic or all the other stories out there. They lead no where. So you really should not worry about me or my blogs, but those you seem to be listening to. Doc could be involved, Fluke could be involved. But so far none of these tales have led anywhere. Which is all I’m saying. But I’m sure I’ve said all this before. Don’t run away, just read some more, all fake arrogance aside, you might see that I have said the same as you. Until we know what happened, anything is possible and no one should go unquestioned and any one who claims to have answers, know secrets, or speak in riddles, well any reader knows how I feel about them.

      • Interesting. Over 2 yrs I’ve been coming to zeros blogs and not once have I gotten the impression that his intent was to solve this. But then, I actually read it. Shreve, did you actually read? Or are you just seeing what you want to see?

    • One last thing. These are my very first posts on the subject of LISK and what I felt were games being played by some of those on blogs, social media,and other internet sites. A lot has changed since then. I hope you read more and see it as a whole. My whole point is that those like Flukeyou, MM7 and Dorothy have mucked up the facts with their involvement. Does that mean people shouldn’t look into whatever lead or POI put out there? No go right ahead, but my look into it comes back with more questions, more POIs, and lots of questionable stories. And like I said, I wasn’t even trying to sleuthing the case, just understand it and those around it. I have no problem to having to keep explaining all this. I get it that people misread why I blog about all this . Unlike Joey who still freaks out when people ask him if he’s Flukeyou (he is). Look Shreve, I get all of what you are saying, it’s been all said here before (and other places before here). But I’m not claiming to have answers, just questioning those who still claim they do. Kinda like what you just did?we are on the same page, aren’t we?

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